Programmatic Advertising For Modern Era!

Purchase and Sell Premium Traffic with our self serve platform.

Sales and Conversions is all about bringing customers to your Website, App or Store.

An effective programmatic strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your online presence, follow your next customer and engage with new audience.

Monetize your Sites and Apps

Supply premium quality traffic by using our advanced resources and earn revenue everyday.

Easy to use

Our easy to use platform will help you monitor everything from Impression, Clicks, CTR, Conversions and every stats on single login. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while doing so.

Ad Exchange Integration made easy

Buy and Sell traffic on real time via our ad exchange platform. Get full data and analysis on our demand and supply.

Some of our awesome features for our customers


Advertisers can create single campaign for multiple devices and publishers can monetize their traffic via website or mobile app for every environment.


Advertisers can create Ads and Publishers can monetize traffic for Banners, Video, Native, Push and Popunder Adformats. We can work with all these adformats for Ad Exchanges


Advertisers can create campaigns with CPM, CPC, CPA and CPI bidding model. Publishers can get benefits of all bidding models and we can work with adexchanges on CPM model


We provide dashboard login to our Advertisers, Publisher and Adexchange so that they can view impressions, views, clicks, revenue, expenditure, conversions, etc with ease.


Advertisers can target campaigns according to Browser, Location, Device, IP, Carriers, Traffic Sources, Age, Gender, Keywords and many more


Publishers and Ad exchanges can receive payouts via Local Bank Transfer, Webmoney, Payoneer, Paxum and Skrill.


Client Retention

Years of Service


Satisfied Clients

Advantages of Adsaro Advertiser Platform (DSP)

Here are some of the advantages of our platform that makes us better

  • We are programmatic and you can get started just by registering an account
  • A single campaign can handle all of your creatives in one place
  • Get traffic from our partner adnetworks or from our private publishers. You can also select both
  • Our dedicated support via Skype and Email will help you plan your campaigns and increase sales and conversions

Advantages of Adsaro Publisher Platform (SSP)

Here are some of the advantages of our platform that makes us better

  • We are programmatic and you can get started just by registering an account
  • You can create a single adblock and our platform will automatically optimize according to your traffic
  • We support monetization of Website and Mobile Applications
  • Receive payouts when you reach the sum of $10 within 24 hours or few working days

Advantages of Adsaro Adexchange Platform

Here are some of the advantages of our platform that makes us better

  • Dashboard system for our ad exchange partners so that transparency can be implemented on both sides
  • Dedicated ad exchange servers to buy and sell ads faster in less amount of time.
  • Ad Exchange get to decide the value of an ad impression and decide whether or not to bid for that in "Real Time". This includes handling of Ad Request and Responses based on that real time bid.
  • Our adexchange platform supports Banners, Video, Native, Push, Text and Popunder Adformats
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Our Goals

We at Adsaro always focus on meeting the needs of our customers on the following ways.



We help to fullfill the objective of our customers on what they want to accomplish and how we can serve them better



We plan strategy along with our customers on how to increase more sales, get more traffic, earn more revenue and we implement it.



We are always upto date with the technology and bring more tools and products for our customers



Our reporting system will help you track every stuffs from impression to clicks to coversions so that we can plan to meet goals